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In addition to reading Prettier’s configuration files, Prettifier has a dedicated configuration file for its own features. Here are all available options with example values. If the comment doesn’t mention the default value, the example value is the default.

# Template for Prettifier's announcement when it cannot make commits to somebody's feature branch,
# for example on pull requests from outside the organization.
# Default: enabled
cannot-prettify-message: >
  Hey there! :wave: This repository uses the [Prettier](https://prettier.io)
  code style.

  You forgot to format these files in your pull request:


  - {{.}}


  The [Prettier installation guide](https://prettier.io/docs/en/install.html) is
  a good place to get started with formatting your code properly. Thanks!


  Your friendly [Prettifier bot](https://www.prettifier.io).  

# Template for commit messages from Prettifier.
# Placeholders are:
# - {{commitSha}}: the SHA of your commit that Prettifier formats
commitMessage: "Format {{commitSha}}"

# Branches that Prettifier should ignore.
# Default: empty
  - development
  - production

# Files that Prettifier should ignore.
# Please try ignoring them using Prettier first: https://prettier.io/docs/en/ignore.html.
# Values are globs similar to how .gitignore works: https://git-scm.com/docs/gitignore.
# Default: empty
  - confidential/

# Whether to fix formatting issues by directly committing into the branches that introduce them
fixByCommit: true

# When unable to directly commit changes, whether to open a pull request containing the formatting fixes.
fixByPullRequest: false

# Template for Prettifier's announcement when it made commits to somebody's feature branch.
# Default: disabled, provide this option to enable the feature
prettified-message: >
  Thanks for your contribution and welcome to this project! We format our source
  code using [Prettier](https://prettier.io). I have adjusted the formatting of
  this pull request for you.

  To stop seeing this message, please install Prettier on your machine and run
  `prettier --write .` to format your changes before submitting them.  

# Whether to only check branches that have an active pull request.
pulls-only: false

To make sure any modification you make to the Prettifier configuration is correct, make the change in a pull request. If Prettifier detects configuration changes in a pull request, it adds a review comment confirming whether they are valid.